After more than 30 years creating and making children's fashion, we continue with the same enthusiasm as always and with the same passion for what we do.

In Rigans we continue designing with elegance, we manufacture comfortable garments for children, with comfortable fabrics and of the highest quality, we make them in an almost handmade way, giving each garment the necessary care and dedication so that the result is excellent.

BECAUSE EVERY GARMENT IS UNIQUE Delicate cottons, nice fabrics for the skin, unique colors, because it is not the same to manufacture thousands of garments automatically, to treat each garment as if it were unique. We manufacture in Spain, with expert hands that make with delicacy, with patterns specially created by us and improved every year, little by little, until we get that garment that feels good to any boy or girl ... because every child is special and also needs clothes make it special.
That's how we are at Rigans, passionate about children's fashion, meticulous with manufacturing and creative in design. We combine the classic with the latest trends and we combine craftsmanship with the latest manufacturing technologies. All this to offer the best of a renovated classic.